5G technology for mobile data to revolutionize the world.

5G Technology, which stands for the fifth generation of wireless technology after 1G,2G,3G,4G. It is the fastest and robust version of the previous generations. As an entrepreneur who needs to get off the ground, you need to start preparing for this. In other words, faster access to websites, speedy downloads and extreme less irritating buffering! This, in turn, will impact our lives vastly by giving efficient access to the users and also business people. 5G will play a crucial role in the Internet of Things and embedded technologies.


In the words of Ronan Dunne, Executive Vice President and Group President, Verizon Wireless “5G have the potential to join a very exclusive club. A handful of technologies throughout history that transform industries across every sector of the economy and redefining work. The 3GPP is standardizing the 5G process. The initial process to be completed by 2018 and the second one by 2019.


5G Technology and smart phones


1. 5G business


One of the biggest benefits of 5G has to be in business. It is expected to have huge revenue which in turn would bring lots of jobs opportunities and growth index worldwide. With almost 2 billion connected devices by 2020. The technology is predicted to build $3.5 trillion in revenue, hence 22 million jobs by 2035. 5G will distribute access of internet to nodes, which can be deployed with wireless connections with network devices, making multimedia applications access by single internet protocol.


2. Inside regarding 5G technology


Before talking about 5G directly, let’s look at previous generations of wireless technologies. 1G was all about voice. Using mobile phones – wireless connections. 2G, on the other hand, introduced messaging features. 3G and 4G both focused on faster transfer rates that we all are loving today and not to forget video calling features. Now talking in a bit more detail, 5G Technology allows 100 times better throughput, ten times longer battery life and 1,000 times larger data volumes. Much of the groundwork for the network launch is already in place, including access to the radio waves, fiber, and small cells bringing next generation to every device globally.


The world and 5G technology on setspot


3. 4G vs 5G


Before proceeding, let’s talk about the major difference between the fourth and fifth generation. 4G technology was started in 2006 and got deployed in 2010. 3G bandwidth was 200mbps. The 5G Technology is expected to be 100 times faster, (1gbps) meaning any decent size file or movie would get downloaded in seconds! It’s really hard to imagine because everything would be at lightning fast speed like flash has indeed come into existence.

4G Technology was compatible and used unified internet protocol (supported LAN, WAN, PAN). 5G Technology will provide lightning fast speed, revolutionize and be supported by 4G+WWW protocol. 3G introduced us with the concept of integrated high quality of the audio, video, and data. This was taken one step further by the 4G, where dynamic information access became a thing and could be accessed in all sort of varied devices. Embedded devices, watch, car everywhere it was accessible which will continue in 5G. It would be 100 times faster and robust with just a click. All these would make buffering a thing of past, and improved live streaming too.


4. When will 5G be actually available to us?


Every operator is taking its approach, but definitely, the beginning for the most starts from the US market with two-three cities in 2018 and scale out in 2019 and beyond. There is not even one phone that can work well with 5G wireless technology at the moment. However, all the major mobile phone manufacturers Samsung, LG, Sony, and 14 others have all begun working on the chip with Qualcomm manufacturers and aimed to be ready to use by 2019.

Some operators such as AT&T have claimed to develop these networks as at the end of 2018. Majority of them have said to install by 2020. Vodafone has started its trial with towers transmitting 4G before completing switching to 5G and have seen positive results of high coverage, and a huge increase in speed.  It’s taking this much time because shifting to new generation needs a lot of capital, new chips, handsets and lots more. The pace has definitely picked up after 3GPP universal standard 5G NR standards agreement.


5G Technology and everything


5. 5G and Internet of Things


As discussed above 5G technology is going to improve the experience of augmented and virtual reality vastly. It will support richer images for augmented reality making users to identify items using their glasses itself. Not to forget virtual reality where consumers can visit places, moment and memories virtually, which is indeed pretty awesome! Also, it has the potential to take the Internet of Things to another level too. 5G and IoT are pretty much linked; its usage coincides with the increase of IoT. Approximately 8.4 billion IoT devices existed in 2017, according to ZD Net. 5G ensures IoT devices, ranging from smart parking meters to household devices to autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles bond better, so both send and receive data much faster which is great news for all IOT users.


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