cheap phones 30,000 naira Nigeria


Smartphones below 30,000 Naira is what I will talk about here. It’s no longer a hidden fact that the universe has evolved past what it was a few decades ago. I can still remember and recount what growing up was like. How we ran around perfectly oblivious of the world around us. All we had […]

Africa E-commerce market and it’s rapid growth

Africa E-commerce market; like the rest of the world, digitalization has also stepped in Africa and it has been fully embraced. The astounding numbers reflect this change. Many e-commerce startups are playing a crucial role in it. McKinsey’s report stated, the e-commerce market has about 10% of retail sales (which still has a worth of […]

5G technology for mobile data to revolutionize the world.

5G Technology, which stands for the fifth generation of wireless technology after 1G,2G,3G,4G. It is the fastest and robust version of the previous generations. As an entrepreneur who needs to get off the ground, you need to start preparing for this. In other words, faster access to websites, speedy downloads and extreme less irritating buffering! […]