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Do you need a side job? Are you a writer? Can you meet deadlines for writing? Can you write long length articles of about 2,000 words? Would like to earn extra income doing what you like? Then fill out the form below for a job for writer/columnist/blogger Apply and wait to be contacted

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Fintech; an overview of it’s market growth in Africa

Fintech in Africa is now growing really fast. Though the countries were once majorly the poorest in the world however with the advent of financial technologies things have changed positively. The United Nations latest report predicts Africa’s economic growth will reach 3.5% in 2018 and 3.7% in 2019. Growth in Africa had overcome that of […]

Get off the ground upon completion of your product

Get off the ground; this is very important. Having successfully completed a product, you need to get it out there and keep increasing the patronage of what you’re offering. However, your product now in the market doesn’t mean it would get the desired patronage. People need to see what you’re offering and this can only […]

How to complete projects faster and get desired results.

How to complete projects faster; Bad process and weak organization can make the development process be longer than expected. Teams may begin to make bad decisions as a result of this, however, you should have known how to manage your team. There are certain ways this can be avoided.     Visualize processes and have […]

Right Product

How to pick the Ideal Product to Develop

Ideal Product to Develop; It quite an exciting moment when the decision to develop a product is made. This decision might also turn out with a bad result if adequate research hasn’t been made. In fact, asking questions and researching answers or recommendations is essential for making major business decisions. Right from the start point,  there […]