How to hire the Right Team

The right team is very important to your startup. Now that you are very convinced that you know what you want to build, it’s time you get a small team that will make the product come alive. But, before you start rallying the troops and investing big, it’s important to know what the DNA of a winning startup team. Hiring all the type of employee you would like to may not be possible at this early stage. Notwithstanding, you need to hire a few people that are affordable. In doing this there are certain things that you should look for.


How fast and well can they adapt?


Changes in the market and your proposed product can be very uncertain at the early stages. You will need people in your team that are perpetual optimists and exhibit extraordinary resilience. People that you should hire should be able to work under pressure, adapt to change and deliver quality work.


How to hire the Right team


Being focused is key.


Your ability to focus on a goal will increase your chances of achieving it. Unorganized people are a waste of your time and resources. Calculated and highly focused people are very important to your team.


Versatility is very important too in hiring the right team.


People who can multitask are very important for startups in the early stages. Planning, structuring, research, and development are vital to your company so you’ll need hands that can handle quite a number of tasks at a time.


How good is their communication skills?


Effective communication skills give you the ability to relate with others on an interpersonal level. Members of your team should be able to make meaningful conversation with partners and users. Some mistakes happen, they should be quick to own up to them and be quick to ask for help.


The right team are creative


You need people who are creative.


Problems are inevitable along the way no matter how organized your product is. Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having funYou need the right team members that can bring to the table creative ways to solve problems. People who can challenge what you say and offer better innovative ideas to move the company forward. If everyone on your team agrees with you, you won’t be able to see your mistakes in time.


Positive attitude and passion


People that would be in your team are people that share your goals. They should be able to juggle all the things that can pull their attention. From the results you get from your team members, you know those that are passionate about their work. There would be periods of chaos, only those with a positive attitude can keep you in business as they would remain focused.


The right team are passionate


Customer Success Oriented


Without having the customer in mind your product will barely survive. Often people know what they want, but they’re unsure how to get it. That’s where your engagement comes in. People who can easily get customers to understand what you sell are very vital to your team.

As much as you’ve now known how to hire the right team, it doesn’t stop there. You need to know how to manage the team.


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