How to sell your product well in the competitive market.

How to sell your product well; This is very important after much work has been put into building your product. You need to have a level of assurance that it would sell in the market. The best way to do this is to test your product with the public. There may be some technical errors with your product that you’re unaware of. That’s why it’s necessary to test it first. It might be quite expensive but there are means you can use to spend less. You won’t want your end users to have a bad impression when they first use your product.



Test with a small group of people


Use a rating system or survey to see the likability of your product. This would help you know where to work on as regards your product. Forums that are in sync with what you’re offering should be the ones you follow. Find people there willing to spare their time to test your product for free. Online forums are very good because you will get honest opinions about what you need to work on. Most members are anonymous and always looking for something new to discuss. You can also put ads out with small incentives for people to test your product.


Start a community for your product.


If you want to know how to sell your product well, an asset you need is a community that can continue to grow and provide feedback regularly. Have a mailing list to share tokens, packages, free versions, etc for your product. In the long run, they give you news of the latest information in the industry that can help your product. They also give innovative ideas for product improvement.



Request for feedbacks


Both people you know and don’t know, send your products to them and ask for their opinions about it. Family, friends, mentors, colleagues that know what your product should do are very good to start with. Also, reach out to people who know what your product should do and send to them too. Feedbacks from them would help you know areas you need to adjust for optimum results from the market.





You can watch people reaction on how they feel about your product at exhibitions. You get to know if your product leaves a first good impression. Also if they like the look, feel and features of the product. At exhibitions, you can see how users interact with your product. So registering at exhibitions are very important in knowing how well your product will sell.


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