How to manage your team successfully.

How to manage your team successfully. After learning how, and have comfortably selected your team, you need to learn to manage them. Successful delegation starts with matching people and tasks. If these are not properly done, your expectations might not be met.


Find the right Leader


To avoid a drop in morale of your team and mistakes, you need to get a team leader that members can easily report to. An organized, driven and accountable individual. A smart leader that can ensure operations are done. You can find someone who was a successful filtered leader in an organization you respect.

Consequently, there will be fewer misunderstandings if the team have a good exchange of information with their lead. But, if you feel you can take on this role yourself, that’s fine.




The respect and treatment you give to your permanent and contract staff should be the same. The success of any project or product is based on everyone who contributed to it. They all need to know how important they are. It can be very bad to feel your role isn’t as important as you thought.


Encourage exposure.


Let your team go to conferences, meet people that use products and services like what they’ve built. Ask and learn about the differences and why they can improve on. This would make them feel more involved in their work. Exposing your team to professionals and industry experts is a great way of improving their productivity.


Proper job description.


Endeavor to ask your members what aspects they feel they can give their bests, so you won’t assign tasks in error. You won’t get desired results at the end of the day if an individual is working on the wrong task.


Define processes.


A very good way of doing this is to have a checklist which should be used as a guide to complete tasks. To minimize mistakes, most especially for new members, these guidelines for tasks would be instrumental. Work processes are the glue that holds things together and ensures that tasks are completed in a way that’s systematic, organized, and involves a few dropped balls as possible.


How to manage your team using the Right Tools.


Asides core software and hardware you use on site, you need to know how to use virtual workspaces for team members who are off-site. Some tools like Google docs, Trello, Jira, Slack, Base Camp, and Skype can make your team work well in real time. Taking out the disconnect, improving easier collaboration, sharing resources and team efficiency will be achieved through using the right tools.


Repetitive Tasks automation


Finally, the new generation like to try new things. It would be a plus to automate tasks that are repetitive. It sucks and really demotivating getting stuck on monotonous and repetitive tasks. To help your teams delivery, automating some tasks is quite important.

Now you have arranged your team, you need to know how to break grounds and complete projects faster.


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