How to maintain your product and stay relevant.

How to maintain your product and stay relevant; You need to have an ongoing structure for maintenance in place. If you don’t build your product to scale, it would cost you more to maintain it. Performance and storage issues will begin to occur when more users begin to use your products.


After learning how to sell your product well, run surveys to know what you need to add or remove from your product. Making changes without getting opinions of your end users may reduce your patronage. You can reach out to the community you’ve formed around your product on things you think should be added or changed as regards your product. Your product should keep improving as you get more users. However, don’t get carried away loading new features that won’t solve your customer’s problems. In order for you to maintain your product, you need to understand scaling.



How to scale your product.


Have you ever heard of startup graveyard? Some businesses never left the first stage before falling out. Scaling may not be easy but for you to remain in business, it is very important you do it. If you follow these steps, you should be able to scale successfully.


  1. Build up your profile on social media
  2. Ensure your team is very solid.
  3. Work your business around a high-profit margin, investors like this.
  4. Understand what drives your market and your core users
  5. Master your most profitable marketing channels.


The defining factor of failure or success can be the smallest detail you decide to leave out. In addition to these you should ensure you;


Have the right managers.


One key to knowing how to maintain your product and stay relevant is to hire managers with proven experience of running medium to large businesses, while you work on your leadership skills. The managers you hire should be able to run your business effectively.



Think and grow big.


If you get satisfied with your present position, you won’t grow and you’ll become complacent. If there’s a goal you need to reach, work towards it. However, ensure the goals are realistic because it is very important to maintain your product and stay relevant if you want to survive.


Continue marketing.


You need to keep pushing your product, don’t just depend on your present users. There are competitors and they aren’t relenting. It’s easy to patronize another product if you’re not constantly pushing your product out. Keep working to get more of the market share. You don’t want to be lax in this area.



You can’t do it all on your own. If you want to achieve more and little time you need to outsource. Don’t overwhelm your team. If your team is overworked they would be less creative. To make things easier for them so they don’t crack.


If you’re able to put these into practice, you shouldn’t miss it while scaling your product.


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