Get off the ground upon completion of your product

Get off the ground; this is very important. Having successfully completed a product, you need to get it out there and keep increasing the patronage of what you’re offering. However, your product now in the market doesn’t mean it would get the desired patronage. People need to see what you’re offering and this can only be achieved by marketing it. The Internet is one important tool in this generation to quickly gain traction to your product. Internet marketing may seem complex, but it’s a very vital medium if you don’t have much money to spend on pushing your product.





If you fail to plan, unconsciously you’re planning to fail.  If you hit the market without specific goals and strategic plans, you’ll find yourself spending way above your budget. Even if you able to get off the ground, you find yourself back where you started for failing to plan .Plan your marketing to the most minute detail.


Sales Plan.


A plan that shows all your tactics can help you make good use of your sales potential. Making more money than you invested is one of the major goals for sales. Every step to meet your sales target should be detailed in your sales plan. Basically, a Sales Plan should include.


  1. Budget for sales (logistics, marketing team maintenance, ads, etc)
  2. Sales targets (time-bound) for your business.
  3. Strategies from research conducted on the target market.


Marketing plan draft.


For you to get off the ground, you need to use a lot of avenues. From billboards and physical brochures to social media, your product can be put in the market with ease. Marketing via the Internet makes it easier to reach more people. Physical adverts are more expensive compared to the Internet. On the Internet, you can have organic and or inorganic marketing for your product. The following should be part of your marketing plan.


  1. Description in details of how you want to use the media.
  2. Cost breakdown of all you intend to do.
  3. All media channels would be used.
  4. A list of goals each media should achieve


Execution of plan.


At this stage, since the goal is to get off the ground, the marketing team lead is to ensure, all aspects are carried out according to plan. However, it’s important to do the following at the execution stage.


Engage Influencers.


A good way to reach your target market is to reach out to influencers that are in your niche. They can help influence the decision of your desired audience and make them not just check out your product, but end up buying. With their level of expertise, they’ve can influence the choice of their target audience. Influencer marketing has some benefits some of which includes;


  1. Your brand gets a good endorsement.
  2. You reach a larger audience
  3. They can make your brand easily get found on search engines through SEO boosts.


Create materials for communication.


To get off the ground you need to communicate. The idea behind this is to get readers to your page.  Content could be a blog or social media posts, e-books, newsletters. This has to be convincing so buyers can patronize your product. To make the work less tedious, you could get freelancers to help with content for the blog to promote your product. They can help with graphic designs and copywriting.


Trusted Brand endorsement.


Brand endorsement goes a long way in ensuring your credibility. The smartest way to go about this is to get an already established brand to endorse you. Ensure the brand you’re targeting is in the same niche as you. You could offer special product deals, discounts and sponsorship agreements on your product to such brands.

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