How to complete projects faster and get desired results.

How to complete projects faster; Bad process and weak organization can make the development process be longer than expected. Teams may begin to make bad decisions as a result of this, however, you should have known how to manage your team. There are certain ways this can be avoided.



Visualize processes and have a workflow


A way to guide your team is by creating a workflow. You might have a pile of uncompleted projects and an unorganized team if you don’t have a workflow in place. The format below is a way to set up your workflow:


Task ▶ Planning ▶ Execution▶ Evaluation ▶ Deployment


This helps everyone know what they are to do. Some teams don’t have any pattern in place.


Encourage communication among your team.


Misunderstandings can slow down a project and this can occur due to lapse and break in communication. Software like Skype, Slack, etc can help you maintain communication within your team. Location of your team members shouldn’t hinder their communication. Real-time audio and video conferences can be done to ensure the job keeps going.



Completion Checklist.


To understand what it means for a task to be completed you need a checklist. All the conditions you expect to have been met before you review.

This help whoever I working on a project to know why needs to be completed for the project to move forward.

An example is this.

  1. The task has been approved.
  2. Documents are up to date
  3. It has faced quality test and passed
  4. The result has been checked to ensure all requirements are met.

All these needs to be met so that the project can move on to the next phase. Else the project would be slowed down, new tasks can’t be done because the old ones haven’t met the requirements for completion.




Several tasks you are to work on or assign to team members are backlogs. For you to know how to complete projects faster, always ensure you filter and update your backlogs by removing old tasks. You can set priority levels for the important ones. Don’t abandon them else it becomes confusing to whenever you decide to work on them again.


Visible progress updates.


Flowcharts, chart, graphs can be used as maps to show progress. It makes the team know what is left and what has been achieved. Your Team can see progress on screen through apps like Jira and Trello. In the meeting room, a whiteboard can be put to update progress. However chaotic the work may get Visual progress updates can help prevent the team from losing direction.



Reduce ‘Work in Progress’

While trying to know how to complete projects, being specific about the number of tasks individuals should do at a time. This should be visible to all team members on the progress charts. People rarely finish tasks if they are done simultaneously. You could also break down tasks to get effective results. Avoid unproductive multitasking.


Documentation needed.


Keep a very good record of everything you do. The documents you need to keep as a team lead mainly includes the Technical, User and Marketing.


  • The Technical:

In this, you should state all the stages and process used for developing your product, the features, how it was tested,    the version and other information that relates to the technical side.

  • The User:

This is the manual intended for the user. Explanation in simple terms about the details of your product that the end user is to understand. This is to help the user effectively use your product.

  • The Market:

The cost of production and Return on Investment (ROI) image documented here. It keeps a record of your gains and loss on the project.


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