Smartphones below 30,000 Naira is what I will talk about here. It’s no longer a hidden fact that the universe has evolved past what it was a few decades ago. I can still remember and recount what growing up was like. How we ran around perfectly oblivious of the world around us. All we had was each other and we made the most of it.

Smartphones below 30,000 Naira septpot

This wrapped up too quickly to give way for the new generation that will almost never know what it was like to sit out at night to hear stories or play hide and seek or skip in pairs or dance around someone in a circle. The emergence of smartphones crept in subtly and our lives have not remained the same. At the outset of technology, things were unchanged as there was still a balance with the outer world.

Those days I remember, owning a mobile device was luxury but not luxurious enough to keep you out of physical touch with friends and family. Mobile devices were solely for making calls and sending text messages. Whenever we needed internet services, we journeyed all the way to a cyber café to buy airtime and sit down for 30 minutes or more to connect with the world. I remember time ran so fast that it left us longing for more. Sometimes we even paid the attendant to ‘browse’ for us in other to save time or go as a group to get the most from a single ticket. We never imagined something bigger was coming. None of us had imagined the advent of smartphones that would connect us with the globe within seconds of touches. Even when it crossed our minds, we never conceived the idea that such a smartphone will be affordable and accessible to all. Unlike computers, smartphones hit the ground running leaving trails of wonder.

Below is a video of some smartphones less than $100. To give you a rough idea of what smartphones below 30,000 naira will look like


Smartphones have always been with us, but we didn’t realize it. According to the science node, if smartphones were born in the nineties, then it came of age with the millennium. They went on to reveal that NTT DoCoMo launched the first 3G network in Japan on October 1, 2001. The true smartphone revolution began in 2007 when Steve Jobs revealed the first iPhone. Previous attempts at smartphones had stopped with keypad technology that watered-down customers’ experience. iPhone, on the other hand, was built with touch screen technology that made the smartphone experience sleeker and more pleasurable for users. Those who worked on the iPhone must have been smart to have forecasted a time when phone keypads will become irrelevant.

The advent of iPhone birthed other variations of smartphones that got spread across the globe like wildfire because they were cheaper. Apparently, everyone wanted to connect with the rest of the world so, companies who immediately leveraged the already available market were able to amass a fortune by providing affordable smartphones. This aided the journey of these phones to places where they might never have been mentioned. Through it all, one thing is certain – smartphone technology has come to stay. We never can tell where we are going from here but it is certain that whatever development that comes up will only improve on how sleek, user-friendly and pocket-friendly smartphones are.


Prices of Smartphones

I bought my first smartphone in 2013, taking advantage of collaboration between Tecno mobile and Etisalat Telecommunication Company. The trick was to buy the new phone (Tecno P3 in my case) and get access to 100MB free every month. What I was not told was that the 100MB was not automatic and that I needed to subscribe every month to access the bonus.

Notwithstanding, I was happy to own a smartphone even though I would suffer low memory space and high data consumption. Those days and even till now, telecommunication industries yield terrific profits with data sales. I remember how I would do everything possible to stay online by investing consistently in buying data. Smartphones are truly smart as they enable a very smooth ride on the internet.  They also house so many applications that offer a variety of similar/distinct services. For instance, one who is out of data and is unable/unwilling to buy can play games (and there are lots of them), listen to music or read an eBook instead.

Smartphones below 30,000 Naira setspot

 It is almost impossible to talk about smartphones in Nigeria without mentioning the cost of owning one. They went on to reveal that this reflects 46.7% of our estimated 180 million population. Hence, smart companies take this into consideration in determining their prices the entrepreneur. They must conquer the economic situation by providing phones that cut across all pocket sizes. Even though some persons are always in search for so many things in one phone without minding the cost, there are others who only seek the basic features.

Phone manufacturers, therefore, carved out a way to cater to appetites, by producing different varieties of smartphones. This way, there is a balance – the rich get expensive phones with more features while the not-too-rich also get the best with lesser functions and cost. It is, however, a known fact that one’s taste changes over time and phone companies have a way to entice their customers to such temptation on a consistent basis. In the end, most phones get recycled among 2 – 5(or more) users as some will wait patiently for a fairly used phone just to use their dream phone. Tecno Mobile has done well in this area. They produce phones for different pocket/wallet size whereas iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei all produce phones of ostentatious value with adequate aesthetics to match the taste of the elite.


Smartphones below 30,000 naira

This article focuses on smartphones below 30,000 naira, devices that are less expensive, yet elegant in features. This review will focus mostly on products already accepted widely in Nigeria. When buying a smartphone, 5 basic things should be checked to ensure optimal satisfaction.

  1. RAM Size: This works together with the processor to determine how fast the phone is.
  2. ROM Size: This is the memory size of the phone and determines what the phone can accommodate.
  3. Battery Capacity: This is the number of hours a phone can stay without charge. In other words, the standby time of the phone.
  4. Display: This is how long or wide the screen display of the phone is.
  5. Camera: This simply speaks to the quality of pictures taken with the phone.

CNDC has more information on what to look out for when buying a smartphone

Although there are other features to look out for, these 5 will determine how efficient the device will be. The clause, however, is that smartphones below 30,000 naira will be low on all these features. This could be a concern if your mind is not made up. But for those who are contented, they will find the following smartphones handy;

  1. Nokia 2.1


Smartphones below 30,000 Naira setspot

5.5” HD display

Dual front speakers

4000 mAh Battery

8MP Back camera/5MP Front camera

64-bit processing

8GB ROM (with memory card support of up to 128GB.


4G LTE Network

The price is about N24,700 it can, therefore, be classed as one of the smartphones below 30,000 naira


  1. Tecno WX3 LTE

DescriptionSmartphones below 30,000 Naira setpot


2500 mAh Battery

5MP Back camera/5MP Front camera

1.3GHz Quad-Core Processor

8GB ROM (with memory card support of up to 32GB).


4G LTE Network

Price: about N29,000


  1. Infinix SMART 3 (X5516B)


5.5” HDSmartphones below 30,000 Naira setpot

3050 mAh Battery

13MP Back camera/8MP Front camera

2.0GHz Quad-Core Processor

16GB ROM (with memory card support of up to 128GB).


4G LTE Network

The price is N27,800 therefore, be classed as one of the smartphones below 30,000 naira


  1. Itel P33 PLUS

DescriptionSmartphones below 30,000 Naira setspot

6” HD

5000 mAh Battery

8MP + 0.8MP Back camera/5MP Front camera

1.3GHz Quad-Core Processor

16GB ROM (with memory card support of up to 32GB).


3G Network

The price is N25,000 therefore, be classed as one of the smartphones below 30,000 naira


  1. Gionee S10 LITE also is one of the good smartphones below 30,000 Naira


Smartphones below 30,000 Naira setspot

5.2” HD

3100 mAh Battery

13MP Back camera/16MP Front camera

1.4GHz Quad Core Processor

32GB ROM (with memory card support of up to 256GB).


4G LTE Network

The price is N28,500 therefore, be classed as one of the smartphones below 30,000 naira


From the description of the phones above, you can tell the edge each phone has over the other. Hence, in settling for smartphones below 30,000 naira, you must have a priority list that answers the question of what feature gives you value. As a matter of fact, this review highlights one phone from numerous categories of phones sold by these 5 companies. So that settling for one becomes a problem unless you know what you want.

It is also important to note that since smartphones are now common among Nigerians, telecommunication companies have also carved a niche for themselves by building Data infrastructures to harness the opportunity provided and avail different data plans users. The different slogans of these companies reflect how big a business Mobile Data has become. In fact, Data retailers are now everywhere selling data at subsidized rates. Smartphone has really bridged the gap in the world and opened us up to endless possibilities. However, companies who made cheaper versions available for the common man deserve some accolades. Without them, some people will only be left to their imagination and never own one.

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    Nice one sir, smart phone is now Everywhere. it make work faster and communication easier

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    Even with the numerous benefits of technological advancement, it’s negative effects is visibly printed on every aspect of life.

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    Smart phone has really helped to grow busineses by connecting easily with globe on social media. Smart phone is indeed a great discovery

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    Smart phones in Nigeria is of different grade and range. The specs determines the price.


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    Nice write up. Smart phones have truly made the world smarter and smaller.

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    Smartphones are definitely here to stay, everyone should make sure that the various opportunities that comes with owning a smartphone is well harnessed especially in the the development of skills either in ICT, business, entrepreneurship, entertainment etc. Another thing is that we should put into consideration that with our smartphones, we have the opportunity to affect our world positively just from our own little corner of the world. Shun cyber bullying.

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