Jumia Discount Sales for June 2019 Anniversary are here!!

Jumia discount codes and sales are here again for June 2019. Yaay!!!

African e-commerce is really growing bigger daily, with Jumia Anniversary Sales starting from June 24th to July 7th, 2019. Jumia is 7!!!.

It can be so tiring searching the internet for where you can get the best deals, with peace of mind and convenience.

You don’t want to miss out of a lot of amazing deals for this season. From Jumia discount codes, free shipping, double value and more. Jumia has decided to step up the game.

Yaay!! it’s time to shop. Get your cards ready for this 13 days celebration from Jumia.

Find below what they have to offer this season, and what you have to do before the 24th June so you don’t miss out.


Free 500 Naira on JumiaPay (new).

Setspot Jumia Anniversary jumia pay

There is a free 500 Naira Jumia Discount for everyone. What you need to do is create a JumiaPay Wallet account, if not done yet click here.


The JumiaPay Wallet you created will be credited with 500 Naira on the 23rd of June and you will get a notification via email to confirm your credit.


You can use it to buy anything on Jumia from midnight on the 24th of June. On checkout, just use the JumiaPay option which will be active with your debit or credit card.


Moreso, no unnecessary debits will occur on your account. For those of us that like further reading, there are few terms and conditions to this promo which you can check out here.


500 Naira Jumia Global Shop (new)

Setspot Jumia Anniversary jumia global

On June 24th, by midnight, Jumia will launch the 500 Naira Jumia Global Shop.  Jumia Global allows you to purchase internationally sourced items and have them delivered to you in Nigeria.


This shop will be opened just for some minutes, so you have to decide very fast and buy as quickly as you can.


Delivery is free if you decide to use the economic option. This means Jumia won’t ship your order through their normal Jumia courier. However, it will be done by a local postal service provider, at the lowest possible cost.


If you will like to know more about the terms and conditions to this promo which you can check out here.


Daily Jumia Discount Giveaways.

Setspot Jumia Anniversary daily giveaways
The first edition of daily giveaways for this years anniversary will happen on the 24th of June at midnight. So what do you have to do to be part of this Jumia Discount?
  • Follow Jumia Facebook page.


  • Wait for the live!’ to start, this will also be broadcasted on the website at 12 midnight’.


  • Put your phone number as a comment and wait to be called back.


  • Prizes include HP laptops, iPhone Xs Max, Samsung S10, and more.


  • The winners will be announced during the ‘live!’.  The next edition will be daily at 12 pm from Tuesday to Friday.


Jumia Discount Double Awoof (New).

This is a limited Jumia Discount offer and we hope Jumia will do it again. Customers that order any of this virtual product will receive double in their Jumia Pay wallet on 12 am-midnight, 24th of June.

Setspot Jumia Anniversary

The Packages are listed below.


How does it work?

  • Buy one of the Double Awoof products above before June 20th.


  • Your Jumiapay wallet will be credited with double value by June 24th.


  • Shop with your awoof credit from June 24th to July 8th.


  • Your Jumia Pay awoof will expire by July 8th.


If you will like to know more about the terms and conditions to this promo which you can check out here.


Jumia Prime (New June 2019)

Jumia has decided to take the game to the next level with the introduction of Jumia Prime. This is a new one from them.

Jumia prime is a free delivery system you can access through subscription.

Setspot Jumia AnniversaryThis offering is only available for Lagos and Abuja shoppers for now and the available ones are below.

1 Month free delivery Lagos

3 Months free delivery Lagos.

1 Month free delivery Abuja.

3 Months free delivery Abuja.


This is how it works.

  • You buy and subscribe to any of the Jumia prime products above.


  • You will receive an email confirmation.


  • Your subscription will be activated within 24 hours.


  • Start shopping and start getting your deliveries free.


This sounds and looks really cool. However, they will disqualify you once you make more than 50 orders a month. The system will suspect that you are commercializing it. Renewal is also not automatic, you will have to purchase a new bundle. You can find more on the terms and conditions governing this here.


Setspot Jumia Anniversary

Predict and Win.

There is also giving 500 naira Jumia discount vouchers to the first 500 people to predict the scoreline of Top AFCON Matches this June. If your predictions are correct. 500 Naira will be credited to you JumiaPay Wallet to do as you wish.

Setspot Jumia Anniversary

So click here to play and win money shop on Jumia.


Jumia Discount MEGA Flash Sales for June 2019 (App Only)

Before the Flash sales go live on the 24th of June 2019, you can vote for the product (s) you want to be part of the MEGA Flash Sales. However, you need to download the app on Google play (Jumia) or App Store (Jumia) to be part of the sales.

Setspot Jumia Discount Sales


The process is simple

Vote the products you will like to see a Jumia discount on by clicking the CLICK TO VOTE.

You can vote as many products you want until the 16th of June.

The products with the highest votes will be part of the MEGA Flash sales from June 24th  to July 7th.

To know more about the sales you can click here.
On the whole, get your Cards ready because this year is a big one for E-commerce in Nigeria and it’ll be really fun being a part of it. To know more click here

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