Africa E-commerce market and it’s rapid growth

Africa E-commerce market; like the rest of the world, digitalization has also stepped in Africa and it has been fully embraced. The astounding numbers reflect this change. Many e-commerce startups are playing a crucial role in it. McKinsey’s report stated, the e-commerce market has about 10% of retail sales (which still has a worth of US $75 billion!). The major countries in Africa witnessing this e-commerce African wave are Nigeria, Kenya, of course, South Africa. Jumia is one such company, has become a major e-commerce provider and is expanding to accommodate all the possible products out there. It was in news after raising the US $150 million in funding in 2014.



Smartphone users and sales associated with has to gain tremendously. In Accenture Digital Consumer Survey report of the year 2017. There was a huge smartphone bought rate increment from 52% to 63% within a year. This reflects that it has made a major social impact making products accessible to everyone. Let’s look at some leading Africa’s e-commerce startups, their mission, growth, and niche.


1. Jumia


Jumia is undoubtedly one of the biggest success stories in Africa e-commerce. It started back in 2012 in Nigeria and currently run by Juliet Anammah has now expanded into 23 African countries. It has gained a reputation and recognition for remarkable services in retail, food, and hospitality, and what not. Jumia claims astounding figures with one transaction being held every 2 seconds, with over 5 million products and over 550 million visits on the site! It is creating millions of jobs and supporting other millions of product provides and claims to increase their business by many folds. Also, Jumia supports internet access in Africa with 82% internet access in Africa. Jumia was also listed among smartest companies in 2017 by MIT.

2. Takealot


Takealot is relatively older and established company now in South Africa. It is an e-commerce site planned to provide a user-friendly experience to customers and is pretty much is established to cater it as its been around since 2002. Takealot caters to a broad variety of products. It has established connections with manufacturers since been around for this long, allowing customers to buy among the wide range of products, you name it and it is there.

The reason why It is such a success is that it has always aimed to provide the latest products in the market, with trending features. This means for everything trending Takealot becomes a one-stop solution. It has also received massive investments of over US $69 million from Naspers.


3. Kilimall


As far as Africa e-commerce is concerned, kilimall is undoubtedly Kenya’s largest online store, and is pretty much new in this space but till has captured a great share of its audience since its inception in 2014. Now has even expanded other countries such as Nigeria and Uganda, with increasing customers every year. Kilimall is known and famous in electronics and gadgets and has a partnership with Samsung, Phillips, and what not. The site also offers other products too like clothes, books, beauty products, and more. They focus on customer support, which is what separates it from the rest of the competition. All its services are accompanied by a 7- day absolute free of cost return policy which is a brave move in itself.



4. Konga


Konga started almost 6 years back in 2012 and at then, only aimed to sell baby and beauty care and related products. But now is called as Amazon of Africa e-commerce because it has expanded from the niche caters a wide range of products from electronics, books to clothing and pretty much everything. In 2015, it even launched KongaPay, and has seen a major success post that and was a brave decision! because security becomes a major task for the users which they very smoothly overcame.



5. Bidorbuy


Started in 1999. Bidorbuy is indeed not only Africa’s but among the world’s oldest e-commerce site. What makes the site unique is that buyers actually make a bid for products. It is evident from the name of the site itself. It functions much like an online auction for every minute product, which is pretty cool. And they introduced this concept way back and still going strong is no less of a deal as reinventing the old money for a good system.

The system itself had many challenges but they managed to overcome it and credit must be given to them. The site basically aimed to provide a common platform for buyers and sellers to exchange goods, negotiate and have a look at competition on both the ends indeed. Precious items which can be anything like antiques and collectibles are extremely popular on Bidorbuy.  Even old, used and second-hand products are sold in abundant there DSLR cameras are very famous there.


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